May 23, 2019

The It's finally coming! The official launch of the Michelle Leonardo Design Jewelry Collection. On June 21st, 2019 the website will refresh to a fully functional ecommerce site where you can purchase the beautiful handmade jewelry pieces.


While our team continues to work on all the last minute details, we thought we would share some new images of what we have been hard at work designing and producing. This is just a few of the new pieces in the collection, there will be even more to reveal when the site up and live.


Check back a few days before the official launch because the website will be updated to preview the store's entire collection. Until then, enjoy!



UPDATE 6.24.19: Images have been updated with links to shop pages!





Classic Cushion Cut Earrings — Color: Sapphire

Classic Cushion Cut Pendant — Color: Sapphire

Coronado Bangles — Colors: Turquoise, Snow & Orchid Pink

God's Eye Graphic Cuff — Color: Turquoise

God's Eye Graphic Cuff — Colors: Turquoise, Indigo & Living Coral

Luna Lux Necklace — Color: Frost Abalone

Luna Lux Earrings — Color: Frost Abalone

Luna Lux Bracelet— Color: Frost Abalone

ML Herringbone Wrap Bracelet— Color: Turquoise

ML Herringbone Wrap Bracelet— Color: Turquoise

Eye Candy Bracelets— Color: Marine Blue, Passion Red, Magenta Pink, Palm Green & Lilac Purple



Trio Necklace— Color: East Jade

Trio Earrings— Color: East Jade 

Dahlia Earrings— Color: Silver