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Wave Crest Necklace 2-Strand

SKU: N.116.1.T.2

The Wave Crest Necklace captures the gently rolling waves of the ocean with impressive faceted turquoise color gemstone beads. The gentle repetition connotes the rhythm of tides. The focal beads are complemented with a chain created entirely of tiny silver glass beads. The long length allows it to be looped around the neck several times. It is offered in 2 lengths, a 2-Strand or a 3-Strand option. Each necklace is marked with a laser etched ML Swarovski Pearl.


Complete the set with the Wave Crest Earrings.


See the other Wave Crest Necklace in the 3-Strand length.


Color: Turquoise
  • Materials

    Magnesite Gemstones

    Fine Japanese Glass Beads

    ML Swarovski Pearl

  • Care

    Treat your beadwork with care. See full Care & Cleaning Instructions.

  • Size

    2-Strand Length:  72 in L x 0.375 in W x 0.375 in D

    3-Strand Length:  96 in L x 0.375 in W x 0.375 in D

    See Sizing & Measuring Guide.