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Princess Drop Pendant

SKU: N.114.1.S.O

The Princess Drop Pendant is fashioned in a stunning drop shape, with elegance of a royal. Faceted glass beads and sparkling Swarovski crystals adorn the surface sending brilliant reflections in all directions. It features a sterling silver ball near the top. The drop pendant drapes from a coordinating silver glass bead chain with sterling silver accents and a sterling silver ML Tag.


Complete the set with the Princess Drop Earrings.

Color: Diamond Silver
  • Materials

    Swarovski Crystals

    Fine Japanese & Czech Glass Beads

    Sterling Silver

  • Care

    Treat your beadwork with care. See full Care & Cleaning Instructions.

  • Size

    Chain:  31 in L x 0.0625in W x 0.0625 in D

    Pendant:  2.75 in L x 0.875 in W x 0.875 in D

    See Sizing & Measuring Guide.


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