Care Overview


By treating your beaded art jewelry with care when wearing and storing, it should last for years to come. The jewelry pieces are handmade and made of glass, which can break if dropped. Avoid hitting the jewelry against hard or abrasive surfaces. It is not recommended to wear when you will get excessively sweaty or dirty. Never shower, bathe, or swim while wearing the beadwork.

Important Care

To protect your beadwork, avoid contact with harsh chemicals, hairspray, perfume & lotions. These may damage or change the bead finish. Store jewelry flat in a dry dark place.

To Clean

Use a soft, dry, chemical-free cotton cloth to gently shine & clean your beadwork. 


To remove tarnish from sterling silver components, use a dry silver polishing cloth to polish the sterling silver parts only. Avoid contacting the beads with the silver polishing cloth. 


NEVER use jewelry cleaner, silver polish or submerge the jewelry.


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